Suza's Manifest, a celebration of art, nature and the living

On the evening of Wednesday January 25, 2023, in partnership with Agir pour le Vivant, the first edition of our biennial Suza's Manifest kicked off with introductory remarks by Séverine Kodjo-Grandvaux, Françoise Nyssen, Sarah Marniesse and Marème Malong, followed by Felwine Sarr's inaugural lecture: "Habiter la Terre, la Terre nous habite".

Suza's Manifest 2023, "Caring for People, Caring for the Earth

For five days, the MAM Foundation welcomes to Grand Suza a large audience, from Cameroon and elsewhere. The communities of Suza, the resident artists and the invited researchers, commune together during meetings, which make discover and share the works and the building sites of the MAM Foundation.

Severine Kodjo-Grandvaux, Françoise Nyssen, Sarah Marniesse, Marème Malong for the launch of Suza's Manifest

Five days of formal and informal encounters between scientists, philosophers and artists from Africa, Europe and South America, celebrating art, nature and the living together around the theme of this first edition: "Caring for humans, caring for the earth".

Some highlights of Suza's Manifest 2023

See you in October 2024